“Multi Internet Brands” is an India based company involved in curating information and educational content for educating both consumers and businesses to compare, review, and select products in various industries ranging from home constructionhome safety and securityhome interiors and exteriors, human resources, personal financesmall businesses, etc.

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Chetan Mittal - CEO & Founder - Multi Internet Brands
Chetan Mittal
CEO & Founder

“Multi Internet Brands – MIB” is founded by Chetan Mittal, an internationally recognized Software and SEO expert.

After failing in almost all the first four businesses, Chetan finally struck gold with one of his websites in computer software and technology space. He has created MIB to teach the lessons he learnt along the way.

Since launching MIB in 2019, Chetan has been on websites’ launching spree with the launch of many other websites, educating both consumers and businesses in the Indian subcontinent, in multiple spaces ranging from technology, software, home construction, home interiors & exteriors, modern living, home safety & security, robotics, personal finance, small businesses, to mental & physical health, etc.

All-Remote company

We are an all-remote company which means we have 100% remote operations except a fixed location address, in Bengaluru, for all the taxation and legal stuff.

You can reach us by dropping an email to admin at multiinternetbrands dot in.