Multi Internet Brands

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Building online internet brands educating both consumers and business about products and services in various industries

Our Consumer Brands


Modernhomesguide.com curates informational and educational content for home buyers, in Indian subcontinent, educating them to research everything before and after buying or constructing, or renovating their home. It covers home securityhome interiors and exteriorshome insurance, and much more.


Rimmik.com presents both informational and educational content, in various formats, related to personal finance, small business, career, etc for young aspirants in emerging countries such as India in the Indian sub-continent.


Mantrasformind.com curates and provides high-quality informational and educational content on various mantras covering Sanatana Dharma, Buddhism, Jainism, etc mantras helping you stay fit and healthy both internally and externally with the help of these.Visit

Our B2B Brands


Nexthrbase.com is an informational and educational B2B Digital Media Publication catering to HR Professionals of emerging countries in Indian subcontinent.